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Wealthy mortgage holders are not immune from the possibility of foreclosure. In today's tough economy, many high-end homeowners as well as middle-class homeowners have been caught between a rock and a hard place. The downward spiral of home values combined with declining business income has put many at risk of losing their homes because of defaulted mortgages.

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Discover the best way to save real estate that is at risk of foreclosure with the help of foreclosure defense attorney Edward W. Vioni. "Foreclosure defense" is a broad term that can be defined in several ways, including:

  • Loan modifications: These government-endorsed programs may sound good, but in practice, many homeowners find the requirements too onerous to meet. Nonetheless, it can be a valuable exercise to explore this option with the help of an experienced foreclosure defense attorney.
  • Challenging the lender in court: Does your mortgage lender actually possess the properly signed mortgage contract that would give that lender the power to take your home and evict you? Sometimes the answer is no.
  • Court mediation: Many property owners have removed the threat of foreclosure through mediation, during which they demonstrate hardship and prove that they are prepared to fulfill the terms of a mortgage on a different timeline than what was originally agreed upon.
  • Negotiating alternative solutions such as short sales: If you agree to a short sale, be careful that provisions in the paperwork you sign do not still hold you accountable for the difference between proceeds of the sale and the lender's idea of the value of your property.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: Many well-to-do and middle-class homeowners balk at the idea of filing bankruptcy until they truly understand the power of the automatic stay. You may be able to keep your house and pay back mortgage arrearages over several years' time with little or no interest by filing bankruptcy. Contact Edward W. Vioni, Attorney at Law, LLC, to learn how we can help.

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