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Entrusting your investments to a broker's discretion is tantamount to handing that professional a large portion of your future on a silver platter. When you decided to do business with a "financial adviser," as many brokers call themselves, you no doubt did so with confidence. You may have justifiably believed that the broker would work hard to protect and enhance your financial strength.

However, now you may suspect that breach of fiduciary duty by the broker has ruined or greatly diminished your investment portfolio. Under the law, a stock broker is considered a fiduciary with respect to all matters within the scope of the investor-broker relationship. The most common situation of breach of trust happens when a broker sells an unsuitable investment. This may constitute a fraudulent act as well as a breach of fiduciary duty by the broker.

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What legal recourse do you have to recover your losses brought about through mismanaged investments? Get the answers you need from a stockbroker fraud lawyer with the depth of knowledge that it takes to analyze data and arrive at conclusions that can build a strong case. Breach of fiduciary duty is a cause of action for civil cases that may be resolved through litigation or arbitration.

It is wise to consult with a knowledgeable Fairfield County stockbroker fraud attorney of the caliber of Edward W. Vioni. Mr. Vioni is prepared to pursue a clear answer to your questions and advise you accordingly. If your situation warrants a lawsuit, he is prepared to pursue a favorable outcome on your behalf with determination and zeal.

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