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If you have been charged with a DUI (driving under the influence) in Connecticut having an attorney who is experienced in the process of minimizing the consequences and protecting your drivers’ license is critical. A DUI charge essentially overlaps the criminal defense process with a separate DMV hearing that determines how long your license will be suspended. To effectively defend both your rights in the criminal case and your drivers’ license, you need an experience DUI lawyer who is familiar with both processes.

Important: Regardless of when your court date for the DUI was scheduled, you need to apply for a DMV hearing as soon as possible if you wish to fight the charges and prevent your license from being suspended. Contact Edward Vioni to understand your options for moving forward today.

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Why You Should Fight Your Connecticut DUI Charge:

It’s common for people who have been charged with a DUI to believe there is no hope in fighting the charges. They know that they were drinking, and they were pulled over and arrested, so they must be guilty. No matter what the conditions around your DUI arrest one thing remains true: it is the state’s duty to prove that you were over the legal limit and in control of the motor vehicle. An experienced DUI attorney can attempt to find potential weaknesses in the cast against you and work to either secure an agreement for a lessened sentence or a dismissal of the case against you.

Possible Defenses to DUI Charges:

Every DUI case is made up of a set of facts that are much bigger than the result the police obtained from a breathalyzer test. A few possible defenses to a DUI charge may include:

Search / Seizure Laws - Constitutional Violations

While Connecticut does have an implied consent law requiring drivers to submit to sobriety testing, that does not mean that the police and highway patrol are allowed to pull you over or unnecessarily detain you. If the officer did not have the right to pull you over in the first place, any evidence gathered after that point can not be used against you.

The Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Was Incorrect

There have been DUI cases where the BAC results from the blood or breath test have been questioned. Some of the questions around BAC testing evidence include:

  • Was the machine used to test your BAC property maintained and calibrated?
  • Was the sample used collected correctly by a qualified person?
  • Was the evidence preserved correctly so as to ensure an accurate test result?

There are many different variables to each DUI case. My job as your DUI defense lawyer is to ensure that we examine each element of the entire process; from the initial pull-over, to the officer’s questioning, to the preliminary testing to what happened during and after the arrest. You’re only guilty if the prosecution can prove you are guilty. Having a lawyer on your side helps protect that from happening, or can minimize the consequences if you are found guilty or the facts around your case suggest that you will be found guilty.

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